About us

Sudanese Medical Agencies Limited was founded in 1966 and is known as the leading dealer and distributer of High Quality Human Medicines, Medical Equipment, cosmetics and baby nutrition in the Sudan.

As Potential grows, Sudanese Medical Agencies (SMA) developed the business by enhancing a clear understanding to the Sudanese Market, whereby contracting with globally recognized Pharmaceutical Companies and establishing a strong distributing network in Sudan.

Today, Sudanese Medical Agencies (SMA) experiences the presence of employees (highly skilled, qualified and experienced personnel), all working for a collective purpose – enhancing SMA’s objectives.

SMA Human Resource Department apprehended the need to provide quality service, and thus recruited highly qualified personnel suiting their respective job descriptions.

These departmental employees totally realized the rapidly mounting economic revolution within the world which led to the exertion of SMA’s objectives towards boosting leadership infatuation.

SMA cooperates with partners in different aspects of business within the country including Regulatory affairs sources, import, warehousing, sales, marketing and distributing pharmacovigilance.

With this significant matter of concern, the Sudanese Medical Agencies Limited Marketing Department expressed a clear sales enhancement of a counter-national network and sales centers in different parts of the country.

With respect to the afore-mentioned values and significance, SMA grew into a more flexibly stretching power and solidly proved its permanent presence in maintaining respected government’s tenders and purchases – beyond imaginable limits.